Real Reading & Starbucks Giveaway

Remember this little guy?

I think I can safely shout from the mountain tops that

“Jackson can read!”


These are the books he has been bringing home from Kinder.

I was dazzled when he learned his first 80 sight words.

When he read his first sentence and understood it, I could have cried.

“I can run.” he read, and then he showed me running in place.

Fast forward a few months and he read this to me tonight


Soooooooooo happy.

I’m so happy that I am going to announce an extra

winner for my Chinese New Year Unit. That’s 4 winners instead of 3.



You want to read more about Chinese New Year?


Click {here}!

The winners are!


You have GOT to read the winning comments from {this}

post.  Seriously, tears from laughing so hard.

I chose Halle because, Good Lord, that is something I would do.

I chose Rachel because that is something that would happen to me

and she deserves to win after having a day like that!

Capitol X Lemon Tree Studio Happy Daisy Alpha CollectionCapitol O Lemon Tree Studio Happy Daisy Alpha CollectionCapitol X Lemon Tree Studio Happy Daisy Alpha CollectionCapitol O Lemon Tree Studio Happy Daisy Alpha Collection

 I am feeling the love (and gratefulness)  for my 400 blog followers.


I am giving away a $25 gift card to one of you.

You must be a blog follower to win.

(That means I have to find you in my followers box up there)

Yep, up there – top right- Just click the button 

 "join this site" 

and you are set!

Lisa is having a huge giveaway too!

Good Luck Sweet Peeps!


  1. This is silly for both of us-we are constantly reply texting the wrong person. One of these times were going to get in trouble and send something amiss to the hubs ;)

    Congrats on your big reader! It really is the best feeling to see those lightbulbs going off. Woo-hoooo!

    ~Christy & Tammy
    Fluttering Through First Grade

  2. That is the A-Beka Reading Program! I used that program when I taught Kinder at a private school - the curriculum is amazing and completely logical. I wish the public schools would adopt their reading and writing program. The math and science programs are completely outdated and are not ideal.

    I had my son in my class one year.

    I love your stuff!!
    The 3AM Teacher
    Visit My FB Page

  3. I wish I could stop forgetting my classroom key at home! URGH! It is so annoying!

  4. Great Post! Thanks so much for all you do!
    Yvonne Crawford

  5. I am always leaving something I need at home or in the office or in the classroom!

  6. Yay for a smart reader, yay for an extra winner... and YAY for a coffee giveaway. Sounds like a very good day for sure! Hope your Thursday is full of UN-embarrassing moments :)
    Funky Fresh Firsties

  7. I twirl my hair like a little girl!!! It's silly, and I wish I could stop, but it's a habit I've had for 27 years! It's not easy to break!! :)


  8. Woohoo for your son! :) I always order a Hazelnut Latte when I'm at Starbucks.

  9. The zebra sounds wonderful ... I usually get the venti cinnamon dolce. HUGE news for your son; it opened up a whole new world when my little girl learned to read! Course she's 19 now so it's been awhile since I've experienced that JOY so I'm happy to feel it vicariously through you!!! Happiness all around.


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  11. I deleted my other comment, as I forgot to say what I order at Starbucks. I actually don't get the fancy drinks, because I'm trying to lose my "sympathetic baby bump". :) As such, I order a tall brewed coffee, the darker the better. Congratulations on Jackson's reading, and also for your 400+ followers. Actually, counting me you are now at 412. I'm dropping by from your hubby's blog. We daddy bloggers must stick together. Actually my wife blogs, too. She's at Have a super weekend!

    Michael at

  12. Loving your proud Momma moment! Congratulations Jackson!

    I ALWAYS order a skinny vanilla latte. I switch it up sometimes, but always go back to this simple drink. Although a Zebra does sound quite delicious...might have to try it =)


  13. I like to order a different drink every time I go. But I always make sure to get a cream cheese croissant. Delish!

    Bren P.

  14. I'm probably the only one who has never stopped at a Starbucks before. I love coffee, but never stopped. I will if I win, though.

  15. I order a caramel frappuccino or a caramel latte. It's my favorite morning treat on the way to school!

    Leanne Baurs Creative Classroom

  16. I get something that's only on the menu seasonally, which is a Peppermint Mocha Frappuccino Light, light whip, light ice.

    Congrats on having so many followers!

    Compassionate Teacher

  17. I love their cake pop's.

  18. Oh my goodness! The zebra sounds yummy! I order a large white mocha.

  19. I LOVE Starbucks! What I order depends on the season! In the summer I like Iced Carmel Macchiato. In the fall it's Pumpkin Spice Latte. Winter is Peppermint Mocha. Right now I'm drinking Skinny Carmel Macchiato. All hot drinks need to be extra hot! I'm thinking I need to try the zebra! I'm in a Starbucks club with 2 other teachers at school. We take turns buying every Friday! I hope I win! LOL!
    Beach Sand and Lesson Plans

  20. I love, love peppermint mocha! Although sometimes I choose caramel macchiato!

  21. I always get a chai latte - yummy!

  22. The Zebra sounds yummy but I usually get whatever seasonal drink they the fall, the Pumpkin Spice, in the Winter it's the Caramel Macchiato. Yum!

    A is for Apple B is for Blog

  23. I love so many different drinks at starbucks! My two favorite are the mocha and cafe vanilla frappuccino.
    I just purchased one of your units and I love it! I can't wait to see what else you make! :)

  24. My favorite is a caramel macchiato. Yum!

  25. I always order a tall, non-fat, vanilla latte. I love em. By the way, I love your units. I am hoping you are making one for black history month

  26. I loved the Creme Brulee Latte they had over the winter holidays.

    Heather (

  27. Depends on my mood but I used to always love their lemon pound cake before I had to go gluten free! :( Oh well. Going out to get that Chinese New Year Unit since I didn't win. I know it will be great!

  28. I love a peppermint mocha frappuccino. Congratulations on 400!

  29. #7, girl???? SOOOOO happy and excited for you!!!! Hugs - Lisa
    Growing Firsties

  30. My favorite drink is the passion iced tea. It's caffeine free and so delicious!

    WILD About First Grade!

  31. I get a passion iced tea or a mocha. I'll have to ask for a zebra one day!

  32. I'm not a big coffee drinker, but love their hot chocolate!

  33. Mmmm... I love a skinny vanilla latte...or a mocha with a shot of raspberry.

  34. Congrats to your son! I love the caramel macchiato! The Zebra sounds delicious!
    Crayons and Curls

  35. Caramel Macchiato is my favorite...

  36. This comment has been removed by the author.

  37. Ooops!
    I'm not a coffee drinker...I get their black tea shaken.

    Primary Inspired

  38. Oh I looove me some Starbucks! I get a non-fat caramel macchiato with extra caramel drizzle (to make up for the non-fat LOL) I just found your blog after visiting your TPT page. :) I'm your newest follower!
    ideas by jivey

  39. a Xebra sounds yummy. I get the Caramel Macchiato

  40. Fun giveaway! I usually get a vanilla latte with a squirt of caramel. Yum!

    I found your blog from the terrific giveaway you are contributing to! I am your newest follower :)

    Mindful Rambles

  41. A bit boring...but a chai latte.

    tokyoshoes (at) hotmail (dot) com

  42. My son is nearly 12, but I remember quite clearly when he started to read. What a joyous occasion! Congratulations to you and your son.

  43. Oops! And as for Starbucks, I don't drink coffee, so it's only tea!

  44. I got a vanilla soy latte :)

  45. I love their mocha latte and teas. I am going to try your Zebra. I can't wait! It sounds wonderful! Thank you for sharing your gift and love of your students with all of us.

  46. I get a caramel macchiato and during the holidays I get a caramel burlee..........Yummmmmmmm
    Fabulous 4th Grade Froggies
    Visit my facebook page

  47. I love their half vanilla half chai latte!

  48. I'm a new follower! I'm lovin' that Chinese New Year pack you have there! I'm off to check it out :)

    Color Me Kinder


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