Currently, Currently,
Oh how I love thee….
Listening to: Scooby Doo- my 6 year old is a HUGE fan.  It seems like
they play on a loop.  We only let him watch the 70’s stuff. The new
Scooby Doo stuff is very teenage and at times inappropriate.

Loving: Redecorating-I am going to post soon and show you everything
I have done to feather my nest.

Thinking: I need to get painting. “Nuff” said

Wanting: A blessed 2013 for my family and all of you!
(hahaha I am cracking up I put 2012 in my picture)
I'm not fixing it... Do you mind?

Needing: The new iTunes is LaMe!- It won’t let me access anything
I have loaded from my CD’s. Any hints on how to get this working again?

OLW: Discernment-  I think that this is the key to a blessed 2013.
I need God to give me discernment on how to spend my time.
I want to make sure that my hands are busy doing his work
and that my mind is set on ways to bring him glory and take care
of the family and friends he has given me.

I want to make sure you know about this little guy. 
Place Value Leprechaun cover
I’m giving a few away to my readers from an early post.
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