Count Down to Chinese New Year

Before I even to get to Chinese New Year and the delicious Chinese
food I ate for lunch, let me tell you about how I fell off a chair in front
of1,000 people (100’s of people) in the mall today.

Today was family photo day…
Otherwise know as straighten your hair till you look like Cher….
Otherwise know as daddy is doing this for mommy…
Otherwise known as I’ll buy you 100 Angry Birds “Eagles” if you are
sweet for photos. And I’ll buy you a sucker, and you can ride the train.

But the results are pretty sweet.

So we go eat lunch while the photographer is loading the pictures.
We are in the food court eating Chinese Food… happy happy happy
And Justin says we need to make some room at our table…
People were crowding and the food court was getting PaCkEd.
So I see him fussing with the chair at the end of the table
and I think he motioning me to move to the chair.
So I get up to go sit in the chair…
not really paying attention….
I’m focused on my egg roll…
But he was NOT motioning me, he was moving the chair
to give it to another group!!!! (He really is a sweetie.)
So I fall on my my rump with a HuGe squeal in front of a BiZziLiOn
people! Of course, everyone is in shock.
All I could do was burst into laughter.
What else can you do?
So I hopped up, grabbed my egg roll from my plate, and had a
wonderful lunch with my family.
Nobody took my picture or asked for my autograph
so I guess it wasn’t too much of a spectacle.
Does this stuff ever happen to any of you?
I promise to tell you on another blog post about how the hem of my
skirt got caught in my backpack
and I ran across my high school campus
Of course that is a post for another day.
Now speaking of Chinese Food….and fun…. Chinese New Year is
around the corner BaBy!!!!!
I love Chinese New Year! I really do.
A former student teacher invited my class to come share rice with her
class about 5 years ago, and I have been hooked on
teaching the holiday ev-uh since.
Seriously, LOVE. If you have not taught about Chinese New Year you
are missing out on some serious Social Studies and Science fun!

I am posting on this early because I am hoping you will join me in
counting down until Feb 10th and on celebrating the day with the
goodies that come in this unit.

I devote a whole day to the Science and Social Studies aspects of
Chinese New Year and also to reviewing
a whole bunch of Common Core Standards.

I end the day by giving the provided Science test and a Social Studies
test. That's two grades for the grade book! Woo-Hoo

You might choose to do a little bit of Chinese New Year fun for a few
days instead of devoting a whole day. That’s the beauty of being
the “Boss of Applesauce” in your own classroom.
You get to do what works for you.

This is a nine page student fact book called "My Chinese New Year"
In this book children learn the ins and outs of what happens on
Chinese New Year. In addition to learning about feasts, dragon
dances, lantern parades, red envelopes, and more, the children do
some interactive learning on each page. Here are the interactive
features of this book.
Page 2: Color the map of China and write synonyms for big.
Page 3: Find and color this year’s Chinese Zodiac animal
Page 4: Rhyming with the word “night”
Page 5. Draw and label
Page 6. Draw lucky money.
Page 7. Do you enjoy eating rice?
Page 8. Tally your classmates responses about using chopsticks.
Page 9. Writing a good luck fortune.

Did you see the Social Studies Test on Chinese New Year! You know I

love a FULL grade book and Full student brains!!!

You also get:
ABC Order
Synonyms and Antonyms Activity/Game/Center
Panda Science Fluency
Panda Science Test
Writing- Word of the Day “China”
Writing- Word of the day “Pandas”
“I love Rice” Math Graphing
Chinese New Year Poem and Rubric
Bulletin Board / Vocabulary Wall images
Panda Smart Art
Dragon Hats
Chinese Lanterns



I look forward to doing this unit every year! It is one of my favorite
days in the whole entire school year.
That's how fun (and academic) this unit is!
It’s on TpT ready and waiting for you!
Click tpt

I can't wait!!!!
Of course, I’m giving three away…

#1. First to comment
#2. Random sampler will chose
3# Most embarrassing moment!

Tell us an embarrassing
{fell off a chair kind of} moment from your own life.
If your comment takes the cake on embarrassing
(without being gross) you win the third packet.

Feel free to just say Hi too, if you don’t want to share your
embarrassing moment…because random sampler
will pick a winner from all the comments.

Good Luck Lovebugs!
Leave your email address in the comment.


  1. I hope I"m the first to comment, because I am so excited about this. I've never taught it before, and think it will be a great addition to the curriculum. But, regardless, I will share my embarrassing moment with you... 2nd grade, Catholic school, uniforms..jumper with white shirt and red shorts underneath. We took the jumpers off to go to PE...and your shorts should be there. Mine weren't. I forgot to put them on. I pulled the jumper off, and stood in my class of 30+ with just my panties on...

    And to make matters worse. It was Tuesday and I was wearing the Monday Day of the Week panties. Yes, they were clean, and no, I wasn't that organized back then, so I just grabbed a pair. So, not only am I half naked - I looked like I had on dirty undies :(

    Still scarred til this day!! haha :)

    Loved your post AND your unit! :)

    First Grade Fairytales

  2. Just love your work! I celebrate Chinese New Year! Hoping to be the lucky random winner! My most embarrassing moment was when I dropped my son to school with the usual hurry up morning routine only to find out that he had the day off due to the Teachers' Professional Development Day. I should have double checked his planner!

  3. Cute family pictures! Love the new packet!

    Learning is for Superstars
    FB page

  4. I just love the rigor that you put into your packets! I certainly hope to be the random winner!

  5. Cute pictures! Your units look so fun! I wish I taught lower grades! :O)

    Collaboration Cuties

  6. Wow - what a wonderful packet! Looks great - thanks for all of your hard work.

    I, unfortunately, have a large repertoire of embarrassing stories to choose from :) I'll share a a favorite from high school.

    I was a member of my church high school choir and we were on a retreat at the beach, performing concerts all weekend. We had some downtime, so we all headed to the water. I was having a wonderful time with my friends and was especially thrilled because the older, college-student intern that I had a MAJOR crush on was with us, hanging out, and taking pictures of the trip. My friends and I were showing off our body surfing skills and he comes over to snap some pictures. Of course, while he's watching, a huge wave comes before I'm ready, and I tumble and summersault through the waves, with legs flailing, and land in a heap at his feet on the sand, sopping wet and panting. Not my crowning moment of grace and beauty.


    Joy in the Journey

  7. What a great looking unit. Would love to add this to my February plans!

    I am sitting here racking my brain trying to figure out my most embarrassing moment. The only think that I can think of is the time that I the time in MS when this cute boy that I liked decided that he was going to go into my purse because he knew that I always had gum and he wanted a piece. Instead of finding a piece of gum he found my panty liners (as it was that time of the month for this embarrassed 13 year old) took one out. I ripped it out of his hand as quick as possible mortified. AUGH!

    If I don't win for embarrassing moment can I still try to win for random comment?

    Christina :)

    Apples, Books, and Crayons

  8. This unit looks adorable! My story is terrible! In high school I had to do a project with a group. We were filming at someone's house and somebody said something so unbelievably funny we all started laughing...well I couldn't stop and ending up peeing my pants!! Yikes! I was soooo embarrassed but luckily I had a long sweatshirt on so I don't think anyone noticed. I made an excuse I had to go and went home. Oh gosh, worst memory ever! Haha


  9. Hahaha! Your post cracked me up! I am glad that you were able to brush off the embarassment and have a good day with your family. The pictures turned out great.

    My most embarassing moment happened in 6th grade. My family had just moved from Iowa to Ohio and it was my first day at my brand new school. I didn't feel very well, but my mom told me it was nerves, so I should just try going to school anyway. Bad idea. I ended up throwing up in front of the entire class right as my teacher was introducing me as a new student!!! It was awful. I definitely did not make a good first impression on my classmates.

    Anyway, now that I have shared that story with the world, I really hope I win your packet. :-)

    Compassionate Teacher

  10. What a great looking packet! Would love to win :) so here's my most embarrassing story...

    I was going on a third date with my now hubby. He had picked me up and was taking me out to eat. I was wearing white linen pants. Well, apparently, he had spilt some soda earlier in the day into the passenger seat and didn't do a great job of cleaning it up. I honestly had no idea, because the seat wasn't really wet. Well, as we get out of the car and go inside the restaurant, my date pulled me aside and told me I had a huge brown spot on the back of my white pants! Talk about mortified!!! Luckily, he realized it must have been from his car, and he took me home to change.

    Teachery Tidbits

  11. This is just adorable, and your family pictures are too cute!
    My most embarrassing moment was in high school drafting class. We were all standing at tables working on a project. I heard someone start giggling and I couldn't figure out what was going on, I looked down and my skirt (which had a bad zipper) had fallen down. Thank goodness I was wearing tights, but I was mortified all the same!
    Second Grade is Out of This World!

  12. Funny stories. While shopping with my cousin at Christmas, I backed up and bumped into someone, and responded, "I am so sorry!" only to find out it was a pole! My cousin was hysterical:)

    The Resourceful Apple

  13. Drat! If only the world's cutest kindergartener came with the packet I would have been sold! Chinese new year seems like so much fun to teach! I will definitely have to make more of an effort to incorporate it into the classroom.

    Your family pictures came out so good! Love them all! Your son is such a cutie!

    I think I would have died if that had happened to me. I can't even think of my most embarrassing story because I have blocked them all out of my memory for good! Just going for random comment here.


  14. This unit is Ah-mazing! I can't wait to use it with my firsties!

  15. This unit is Ah-mazing! I can't wait to use it with my firsties!

  16. You left out the part where you blamed me! :) I love how everyone is sharing their embarrassing stories! Hey, we're all in this together!
    Love, Your Husband
    Justin- Writing Pad Dad
    Follow my blog!
    “Like” me on Facebook!

  17. What a great packet! This would be a phenomenal addition to my current curriculum!

    I wish I COULD share an embarrassing story...but the ones that are popping into my head are ones I don't want to relive!! Hahah!!


  18. Your boy is so handsome! Your family looks great! Your packets look amazing as usual!

    Amy Howbert
    Little Miss Organized

  19. This unit looks so stinkin' cute! I am in definite need of some Chinese New Year activities this year!

    Since I never fare well with any random generator, I'll share my embarrassing story, which also happened to be at a mall...

    Picture This:
    I had successfully conned my husband into a shopping excursion with me. This never happens! We were shopping in Nordstrom, when I found the most hideous EXPENSIVE sweater ever. I decided to throw it on and pretend I wanted to buy it. I sauntered over to my husband and started rubbing his back, saying "You know you love me in this sweater."
    Except when he turned around, it wasn't my husband at was a completely different man in a Phillies hat. And this man was holding a baby! He was bright red, and I'm pretty sure even the newborn was embarrassed! {Thank goodness there was no sign of his wife!}
    The best {or worst, in my case} husband caught it all!
    I died...and my husband got out of yet another shopping trip!!
    I still get nervous going in to Nordstrom!!!

    Across the Hall in 2nd Grade

  20. Hmmmm... Remember reading Seventeen Magazines "Boy Was My Face Red" every month? I lived for those moments of "redness" at the expense of others. I have had many of those moments, but the most recent goes something like this:

    I was teaching my firsties and one student kept raising her hand. I have a rule about raising your hand just to tell me some random thing that comes into your head, write it down and you will have a chance during "random sampling" to share. She didn't stop raising her hand even after I asked bathroom? water? blood? you know the drill. I finally asked a question in reference to what I was teaching and now she didn't raise her hand, so I figured it wasn't important anymore. The day went on and it was time for lunch, but we had our "random sampling" time before we left. NOW, she could share. This is what she said: "Mrs. F, I know you love the color pink so much, so do I. I even love your hot pink bra with the diamond in the middle." Yeah, my shirt was unbuttoned, the whole time!

    Next time, I might let them break the rules, LOL.

    Faithful in First

  21. This looks adorable! There are not a lot of Chinese New Year packs out there so this will be a great addition to our Social Studies learning come Chinese New Year week!

  22. You made me laugh - my first laugh in many days! It does remind me of a totally embarrasing moment - or two. Once at school, I was in a hurry in the bathroom and came out with my jumper (in the back) stuffed in my panties. I walked by the janitor, who tried to tell me, but I was too busy walking. He was sweeping and came back by me, trying to tell me again with the motions of pulling something out of his pants. I said, "huh"? He finally spoke up louder and told me. I couldn't look him in the eye for several weeks.

  23. I love teaching about Chinese New Year too. My kids get exposed to a different culture and it's fun! Hasn't everybody had an embarrassing moment?? Oh, what to choose? I embarrassed my own children all the time! Once, we were at a shopping mall in the car looking for a parking place and I noticed a car I thought I recognized. I just started waving like a maniac but it turned out to be a stranger. My kids slunk down in the seats to the floor. They never let me live that down.

  24. I follow your blog. What cute family pictures!

  25. One of my most embarrassing school moments is when I was on recess duty. I blew the whistle for the kids to line up and the next thing I find myself screaming. A bee had flown under my dress and stung me on the bottom. The kids thought it was pretty funny. I didn't and my face was red.

  26. Your family pictures are adorable to say the least. I love your blog too!

  27. You never disappoint! I hope I win this but I'm adding it to the wishlist just in case :)
    Learning In Wonderland
    maribel dot sheehan at gmail dot com

  28. First I must say, your family photos are amazing! I also am looking forward to celebrating the Chinese New Year with my children. I am a new teacher so will be my first one.
    Now for my embarrassing moment: I was taking my nephew shopping on 34th and I got lost trying to find Toys R' Us. A cop gave me directions (they were wrong) and I found myself staring at the Hudson River before I realized it. With my five year old nephew in one hand, a happy meal in the other and tears in my eyes, I walked defeated back to the train station. I was standing at the corner waiting for the light to change, along with a million other rush hour patrons, when a car flew by and blew my-extremely flair-dress over my head.
    I couldn't let my nephews hand go on such a crowded corner and the hand holding the happy meal did little to contain a dress which was flying on all directions, so I just stood there and cried.
    I have never, ever worn another dress without shorts underneath.

  29. Great pictures! This Unit looks amazing. I hope I win :0)

  30. Your unit looks spectacular-really exceptional!! Just like you, I love devoting a whole day to one cross-curricular subject - have done an apple day, pumpkin day, Grinch day, gingerbread day, and now-I want to do Chinese New Year! This looks too great, though, and I would definitely need to do this longer! Crossing my fingers!

  31. I trip over flat surfaces, so I guess being embarrassed is just normal for me :) I'm just shooting to be your random lucky winner! We celebrate Chinese New Year every year with an entire 2nd grade FEAST! It is BY FAR my favorite activity we do all year! Here's hopin' I win your awesome packet! Angela :)
    Hippo Hooray for Second Grade!

  32. I can SERIOUSLY vouch for the amazingness of this unit!!! Katie has done it again! The girl is a RoCk StAr!

    Here's a link to my post of my most embarrassing moment. Let's just say it involves me in a

    bathing suit,
    "surfing" at a water park,
    and a STUDENT
    along with his family.

    It's an old post from when I had about 10 followers...the story still makes me cringe AND laugh. :)

    Most Embarrassing Moment

    Growing Firsties

  33. You guys are cracking me up! This might be my favorite blog post of all time!!!!!! Your comments are just the best! Keep commenting because I am living and dying your most embarrassing moments right along with you!!!

  34. This is my first year teaching Chinese New Year (it's a big deal at my school). Oh I hope I win!

    Extra Special Teaching

  35. We have student's from all cultures so I make sure to teach as many as possible. I do happen to have a child from China this year and she is so excited to share. I do already have my Chinese lanterns run off but your unit looks Oh too cute. If i don't win one I will probably purchase it! We are near the University of KY so we have LOTS of International children every year. I'm always looking for new ideas. I don't know if this is the most embarrassing moment but I wore my hair down for the first time in a long time and one of my kids told me I looked like the "Pig in the Wig" If any of you are familiar with the Scott Foresman series...not a lovely comparison. I guess I should be happy he remembered the character from September!


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