Products with Titles that LIE !!!

Product lies… I have to tell you a few of my favorite products have blatant lies on their packaging!
Exhibit A

 I like it because there is a darling goldfish on the package. It doesn’t take much to make me happy. Here is the lie:  There was NOTHING smart about paying $4 for a bottle of water at the pumpkin patch last week.  I felt like it should have been called Idiot Water because only an idiot would leave the house without “free” water and then pay $4 for it. But the goldfish was cute…

Exhibit B:

These chips are to die for. My husband calls them my “trigger food”. I guess I eat them with gusto, and {apparently} give him looks if he tries to take some. I do not give him looks! But I do get annoyed if they are gone, and I was not the one to eat them.  Here is the lie: They are called "Simply Naked", but if I keep eating these chips, I wont be able to get naked anymore! I know they are helping me achieve some quality cellulite. But I can’t stop. They are so good.
Check out what I learned how to do.
I learned how to make big old bows! How cute did this wreath turn out? I am proud of my wreath.  It was a $7 wreath plus $4 in ribbon. My hubby said, “Oh honey, that is pretty, but we should not be buying a $50 wreath if the election cuts teacher jobs!” He thought I paid $50. Blush, gush, beam. And the good news is that (California) Prop 30 passed, so we only have 9 furlough days instead of the threatened 24 days! What relief! Should I post on how to make bows? Anybody want to learn?
I have been having fun volunteering in my son’s kinder class while I am on vacation. I have sight word tested, gone on a field trip, and sat through my first parent teacher conference.  Being on the other side of the table is strange! But liberating. It was fun and only a little scary.  Now I know how the parents feel when I conference with them.  My kid-o has a whole bunch of strengths, and a few things to work on.  He is all boy and needs to work on 1. self control (on the carpet) and 2. penmanship. Shocking I know!  It sounds like most of my “boy” conferences in first grade. His teacher is great, and we know he is in good hands! His teacher said he is rocking his sight words. *Big smiles there!* This is what we do. It works for us. This is our pantry door.

I bought a $1 pocket chart at Target and put a white line down the middle.  He moves words from the hard side to the easy side on a daily basis.  When I can make a sentence out of his sight words, I write them on the sticky part of a post it, then trim the post-it so it sticks like a label, but is easy to remove.
I keep the “old” cards on a little ring and we play games with them when we have time.  I can clip the ring to my purse and we can practice in the car when we are stuck in traffic, which happens a lot on Sunny So. California.  
Those first few lists are rough to learn, but I think Jackson is addicted to success. He knows 60 words after 3 moths of kinder. What do you do to promote sight word success? If it works for you maybe it will work for us!