Houghton Mifflin Big Books Freebie - Counting on the Woods

 Hello, and welcome back.  

In my corner of the world it has been over 100 for 2 weeks!
But today it was only 96 degrees
and the children played outside for all of their recesses!
Can I hear an AMEN?

Why are we saying Amen? 

You know snow days where school is cancelled?

We have heat days where school is in session and the kids only

leave the room for 30 minutes in the ENTIRE day!
I was overjoyed to have a regular school day.
Today I am excited to give ya an HM Freebie.
Our HM big Books is called Counting on the Woods
I titled the freebie  "Counting in the Forest"
because I am spooked by copyright laws. 
To use this: Have your students read and color their mental
image in each box. Then cut apart the boxes and staple.