Anchor Charts & Bright Ideas

bright idea 1
You know when a great idea hits you?
Well, I had this idea today.
Using Target dollar bin note pads, I created this little anchor chart!
It was a palm to the forehead moment.
Cheap (1 cent per page).
I wrote the pages before the kids came in from recess and
taped them onto the bottom of my whiteboard. 
They were easy to pop onto the chart as I was teaching.
Another, slightly less brilliant idea, is to laminate
my anchor chart art instead of the whole danged chart.
I started drawing and printing smaller (8X10 sized) art,
so it can fit through my mini desk-sized laminator.
The little girl in the chart is laminated, removable , and fits
in my plastic-sleeved filing system.
No more tracking down an old anchor chart to match a theme.
The laminated art fits inside my file.
Now, I know this is not really a chart, because a chart
indicates the use of paper.
This is on the whiteboard.  So not really chart, but work with me.
The Author’s Challenge
The “C” is capital
The 5 stands for # of words in the sentence.
And the punctuation is … well… punctuation
VeRy ViSuAl.
The bottom portion is our focus for the week.
This week we are trying not to start every dang sentence with “I”
Trying…. We are trying…..
I have 19 out of 29 below grade level, so goals, challenges,
& rewards are huge for them! I see my lowest kids referencing the chart.
Week 1:
Week 2:
Week 3:
I like my cat.
Week 4:
I like my big cat.
Week 5:
I like my big cat and mom.
Kill me now.
But the author’s challenge works.
By week 10 after teaching blends:
The black cat plays in the grass.
Can I hear an Amen?

I’m getting ready for parent conferences, so I hope this door is welcoming.
If you want to download this ABC Order for free-feel free.
Click {here} and enjoy.
How do you make parents feel welcomed during conferences?


  1. Oh my goodness, so many genius ideas all in one place!!! I love those a-ha moments!!! And you are so artistic!

  2. Love your anchor "chart" for writing...the visual element is awesome!!

    We're your newest followers. Thanks for all the great ideas!!

    We hope you'll stop by our blog too!

    Halle and Jenna


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